Friday, 6 May 2011


its 02:18 in the morning..
im still sittin here with last couple of cigar's and a bottle of people here called "rat label" with a lemon and chinese tea.. hehe..

im still waiting..
waiting for something..
but i didnt know exactly what im waiting for...
instead im gonna ask you what im waitin here for...

im mean one or two wind of creativity is passin by..
but still.. what is the meanin of it?? could it make a money for livin...??

i really dont understand people this day includin me myself... why we always hate "waiting" ??

its fun to waiting for something.. its suprisinly fun...
maybe b'cause we already knew what is it we waiting for...huh? is it?
let just simply say i agree with that..

"im waiting for something fun!!.." there.. i shout with emotion in quite way.. ^_^... and a smile to be added...

so im still here waiting...
waiting for something... fun...

made by:
people who waiting..

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